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  • About Us

    Founded in 2005, Energy Connection is an energy advisory firm that procures the lowest electric and natural gas prices for its customers and provides value-add services to deliver a holistic energy experience.


    EC's decades of experience, purchasing power, full market coverage, and reverse auction platform gives customers access to the lowest real-time energy prices available from our national supplier network (70+). EC offers a wide range of energy management and sustainable services for a one-stop shop for all your energy needs.

  • Commercial Solutions

    Energy Procurement

    Energy Connection purchasing power along with its reverse auction platform gives commercial customers access to the lowest electric and natural gas prices from our national supplier network (70+).


    As an active market participant, EC has a pulse on the market and keeps clients apprised of market activity in addition to advising buying opportunities as they present themselves.

    Smart Contract and Supplier Relationship

    We help you understand and evaluate contracts on an apple-to-apple basis in addition to negotiating contract language with the suppliers to meet your needs.


    We utilize our relationships to resolve conflicts on your behalf (i.e Changing location, emergencies, weather outages, construction)

    Market Coverage and Customized Strategies

    EC utilizes its market intelligence to help analyze and define risk levels of both short- and long-term options while advising on opportunistic purchasing.


    As each customer is unique, we tailor our strategy to fit your needs through our variety of product offerings including block and index, aggregation, variable rate, fixed rate, and blend and extend options.



    Data Management and Efficient Analysis

    We manage all of your energy data (invoices, account numbers, locations, load profile, and meter numbers) to help you make the most cost-effective decisions.


    Through our data grab, we are able to help shape customizing energy products, services, and plans that bring perpetual savings and NOI creation to your company.

    Demand and Sustainability Services

    We help our clients realize the advantages on both sides of the smart meter - supply side and demand side through cost consumption and demand saving services.

    Innovative Tech

    We partner with leading tech cos. for Solar, Demand Response, Load smoothing, Nest Thermostats, Tesla Batteries... Rebates/financing to ramp ROI.

  • Meet our Team

    Three generations of energy expertise to delight customers

    Mark Rice


    Nathan Rice

    Vice President

    Joel Birnbaum


    Jonathan Siegel

    Director of Sustainability Services

    Ellen Rice

    Pricing Analyst Manager

    Alec Solomon


    Max Rice

    Pricing Analyst

    Julia Clayborne

    Pricing Analyst


    Hope Lerner

    Pricing Analyst

    Miles Rice


    Anthony Schoeber

    Manager EC South

    Ricky Jolcover

    Business Development

    Frank Cliggett

    Business Development

    Scott Clayborne

    Business Development

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    Nest Thermostats

    Saving over 13,000,000,000 kWh of energy since 2011.

    Tesla's Powerwall Battery

    Stores electricity generated by solar panels for later use.

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