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    Challenging the status quo. Creating a sustainable energy future. Through our wide range of vendors, we secure the best energy options for our clients.

  • About Us

    Founded in 2005, Energy Connection provides the lowest energy and natural gas prices available. This is made possible through our team's decades of experience, unique access to markets, along with proprietary technology. We offer a wide range of energy management, procurement and sustainability services for a one stop shop for all your energy needs.

  • Commercial Solutions

    Our leveraged purchasing power, competitive bidding process, and customizable options give customers the big chair at the bargaining table. Energy Connection negotiates for virtually every energy-related service for you.

    Data Management

    We keep track of your energy data: invoices, account numbers, locations, load profiles and meter numbers to help you make better decisions.

    Efficiency Analysis

    EC calculates the viability of all available energy products, services, and plans. In addition to calculating ROI and/or savings. We determine if you qualify for any government rebates.

    Smart Contract

    Dealing with thousands of utility contracts, Energy connection helps you minimize risk and evaluate contract on an apple to apple basis

    Supplier Relationships

    New Location? Emergency? Weather? Construction? Energy Connection can resolve conflicts by talking directly to your utility or supplier management to save you stress so you can focus on your business.

  • Proprietary Technologies

    Energy Connection mitigates price uncertainty through it's purchasing platform.

    Energy Procurement Strategy

    • Analyzing  short- and long-term options 
    • Defining risk levels
    • Developing customized strategies
    • Opportunistic purchasing
    • Layered hedging, Market timing, Dollar cost averaging, Block and index, Aggregation, Variable rate, Fixed rate, Blend and extend... 


  • Other Services




    Conserve Energy - use less

    Energy Connection will help you with any retrofitting questions, tips, or needs. High tech LED bulbs save up to 80%. After rebates/financing can have fast ROI.

    Bill Audit

    Check for mistakes

    We look for errors in your utility bills. These mistakes reside in tariffs, taxes, and rate codes. When found we calculate to get back money you overpaid from the Utility.

    Innovative Tech

    World changing products

    We partner with leading tech cos. for Solar, Demand Response, Load smoothing, Nest Thermostats, Tesla Batteries... Rebates/financing to ramp ROI.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is Energy Connection?

    Energy Connection is a one stop shop for all things Energy. We make a complicated process simple. With decades of experience along with innovative technology EC procures the lowest electricity and gas rates available from over 50 separate suppliers. Then we offer customer service to monitor energy rates and opportunities based on the markets. We also provide energy savings services and products such as: solar, smart thermostats, energy management, lighting retrofit, energy audits, demand response, peak shaving, distributed generation, bill audits, storage, rebate administration... All of this in a simple and friendly customer first way.

    Where is Energy Connection?

    Although we service candidates in all 50 states and Canada, our headquarters is located at 3501 Woodhead Dr, Northbrook, IL.

    What is a utility company?

    The company that is responsible for transporting power to your home or business. The utility is also responsible for maintaining the power grid and doing onsite work such as installing and reading meters, and responding to power outages.

    What is a utility supplier?

    The company that generates and sells the actual electricity or gas. In closed energy markets, the utility company is the only company allowed to be a supplier. In open energy markets you have a choice. Energy Connection interviews and qualifies on an ongoing basis 50 suppliers to provide the maximum competitive platform to get the lowest rate and best terms available. 

    What is the difference between utility suppliers?

    Utility suppliers differ in methods of procurement and also in price and terms. Because energy is a commodity, the physical energy that powers your home or business is indifferent to suppliers.

    My utility supplier is a reliable company. Why should I switch now?

    Although we do not always advocate our customers to switch suppliers, in an open energy market, Energy Connection insists it is always smart to explore your options. It should lead savings, price security, and/or cleaner energy. Your utility company is still responsible for service, delivery, billing and reliability of your gas and electricity.

    Can I switch my supplier if I am already under contract?

    You may have an early termination fee if you exit your current contract early. We can get you a new contract with a start date to correlate with the end date on your current one. You can lock in a rate and protect your home or business from future price increases.

    Will my service change?

    Absolutely not. We only change where the energy source is coming from. Even in open energy markets, the utility company is still in charge of storing and managing the service of energy to your home or business.

    What are the benefits of locking in a fixed rate?

    You can enjoy the price consistency and reliability for the length of your contract that you choose. Instead of guessing what your bill will be each month, you will know what the rate will be. Enabling you to budget, forecast and protect you from future rate increases.

    How do I get started?

    It's simpler than you think. Click HERE, email support@energyconnectionsite.com, or call (847) 509 2290.

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